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We handle your data with care. We will never share your data with third parties. Not for sale, not for advertising purposes, not for information, not for any other purpose: your data is safe with us.

GDPR compliant

If you order from us, you do not need outside viewers. We understand that well. That is why we do everything we can to keep your private data really private. We do this in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
What do we do with your data? Nothing. We do not give them away to others or use them to stalk you. We only send newsletters if you have indicated that you are interested in them. We do, however, provide your data to our carriers (QLS and DHL). After all, delivery will be very difficult without your address details


Yes, we also use cookies when you visit our website.

This is useful, because thanks to these cookies you do not have to fill in or download the same information every time you visit our website. This is also useful for us, because we then better understand how you use our website, so that we can make our website better and more customer-friendly. And that's nice on your next visit!
If you find this annoying, you can always disable cookies via your browser. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everything on our website will work properly.